The value of a Home Security Camera

Are home security cameras worth it? The simple answer is Yes, they are worth every penny. The real question you must ask yourself, is what Security Camera Setup is the best for you? When it comes to home security every system requires it to be optimized to the needs of the clients. One client might just need a simple camera overlooking their front door and driveway or just the Livingroom. While another will need a multicamera system that covers the entire property inside and out.

Why would you need a camera? This question is often something that comes up when looking at home security. In recent years that question has been given many easy answers. From people simply wanting to keep tabs on kids and pets while they are away and who is at your door. To being able to watch your property against the increasing threat of vandals and thieves. It is not secret that the theft of boxes from people’s front doors has become much more prevalent in recent years.

Once you decide to get a camera, the first thing you need to do is look at what you need a camera to observe. That will tell you if you need one or a few camera vs one of those multicamera systems with its own monitor. If you are looking to just keep an eye on a common use are or your front door. A single standalone or the use of a few independent cameras are a great option. If you feel the need to cover several view points and multiple locations on a property, then one of the Multicamera Systems is what you are looking for.

Next the types of camera will depend on where you are going to be putting it up and what you will be viewing. In the Home Security market an IR Camera has become the standard for both indoor and outdoor use with its ability to see no matter the time of day. So, it will be more about what additional features does the camera have. Wired cameras provide the most secure signal, but have the most extensive instillation, which can be costly in an existing home that is not prewired for it. That is where Wireless Cameras have taken off in recently with easy to install setups. Wireless Cameras come in two main options, A Local Wireless System or IP (Internet Protocol) Wireless Cameras. IP wireless Cameras connect to the wireless home network to connect to the internet and give access to the User. The local wireless system will have a base station located on the property that controls the system. It also can be connected to the Internet via the home network to provide the same access as a IP Wireless Camera, but with the added benefit of still being able to store and record video when the internet is down.

Add other features like offsite recording and being able to communicate through the camera and a Home Security Camera is almost a must.

Quick joke: Sometimes a home cam can also catch quite a few bizarre situations, e.g. 😉

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