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When To Use A Web Development Agency Instead Of A Web Development Freelancer

In this era of day-to-day advancement and modern technology, it is not easy to get started for a new business; and selecting the right partner to cooperate with you wholeheartedly is itself a challenging task. The conflict here arises between the credibility of a web development agency or a web development freelancer.

It’s time to get into the details of both these sources to decide which one is better for your project’s requirement and the time you have to get it completed.

Difference between a Web Development Agency And A Web Development Freelancer

A freelancer works independently for a company, and the tasks by clients are done remotely. A web development agency is a group of experienced professionals with professional and experienced working skills managed by an authoritative system.

Affordable and Cheaper

Freelance developers are always cheaper and affordable in comparison to web designer Brisbane agencies. On the other hand, web developer agencies might be costly but can assure you complete satisfaction.

Credibility and Security

One of the greater risks with outsourcing projects to freelancers is that they lack credibility and security. Sometimes they quit your project in the middle, and it can create sudden panic. Contrarily, web Development Agencies are a lot more credible as compared to freelancer developers.

New Technologies

Web agencies provide up-to-date solutions given the new technology, while most freelancers are unaware of upcoming technologies and trends.

Long-Term Relationship

Web development agencies build long-term relationships by constantly maintaining current products. However, freelance developers are good for short-term work and are not bound to long-term relationships.


As we’ve discussed, there are pros and cons to both a freelance developer and an agency. You can decide when it comes to choosing between the two depending on your needs and your budget.

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Solid Spotify Music Promotion Methods

Spotify Music Promotion Avenues to Consider

The Internet makes things a lot easier for musicians who want to get ahead. That’s due to the fact that it opens them up to all sorts of exciting and dependable promotional and marketing avenues. Spotify is just one of them.

What exactly is Spotify? Spotify happens to the planet’s most beloved music streaming network. If you want to be able to stream some of your most cherished tracks, Spotify can help you do so. It can do another thing for the driven musicians of the world. It can give them access to people who want nothing more than to come across fabulous and memorable new tracks. If you want to promote your first-class music using Spotify, you should test out these methods without thinking twice or use a reputable spotify promotion service.


Recruit a Music Promotion Firm

There are quite a few reputable music promotion firms that can do a lot for tenacious musicians. If you want to come up with a Spotify music promotion campaign that can take your Internet presence to the next tier, then assistance from outside professionals can work like a charm. A comprehensive promotional campaign can help Spotify users all around the planet learn about your music. If you have a busy schedule as a musician, then joining forces with promotional experts can be a big help. That’s because it can enable you to zero in on songwriting, rehearsing and more.


Utilize Social Media

Social media can simplify the handling of online marketing for musicians and bands. If you want people to check out your music as soon as it’s accessible on Spotify, you need to make a point to post on social media. Prompt Facebook, Instagram and Twitter postings about new and upcoming releases can be immensely useful. You should try to set up a social media posting schedule if at all possible. If you post about your music routinely, then the people who are part of your desired audience won’t be able to forget about you. It’ll encourage them to go back to your Spotify page for more and more.


Look Into Respected Spotify Playlists

Spotify playlists have been a craze on the Internet for a good number of years now. If you want to get recognition for your tracks, you should try your best to get Spotify playlist features that are worth it. Try to reach out to detail-oriented “curators” who are behind playlists that you like. Concentrate on playlists that include tunes that are similar to yours in the genre department. If you make post-punk music, you should focus exclusively on playlists that are part of that classification. Your aim should be to get to people who may genuinely appreciate your art.

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What are current technologies and methods used to identify fake IDs?

While someone using a fake ID or passport may believe it is easy to get away with doing so, they may be surprised to learn how simple it can be to detect a fake ID. This is especially true if a genuine ID has been tampered with or copied.


Checking the ID for basic features — Often the only thing needed to check that an ID is fake is the naked eye. This is how governmental agencies can quickly detect a fake passport or ID, as each one should have specific markings and details on it.

The details they look for include any evidence the laminate seal has been tampered with, as forgers will often peel back the laminate in order to replace a genuine photograph with one of a different person.

The numbers on an ID are also often altered. This is another easy way to detect a fake ID, as there are usually two places these numbers occur. One in an obvious place, and one that is not so obvious. It is difficult to change numbers in both places.


Checking the microprint strip — Most IDs and passports also have a microprint or strip that is visible on each of them. When examined with a magnifying glass, it is easy to see the pertinent information visible on the strip.

This information includes things like date of birth, identifying features or information pertinent to a particular state. It is also impossible to alter or forge.


Using an ultraviolet light — Most states also include features on a license or other ID that are only visible under an ultraviolet light.

If you know what those features are, it is simple to detect if they are visible on the ID you are checking or not.


Using the barcode — Most forgers are not able to replicate a barcode on an ID as the technology required to do so is too difficult or expensive to obtain.

This barcode includes all the information that is physically visible on the front of the ID.

A quick scan can show that the barcode is fake, or has information on it from a different ID.


Idanalyzer — There is an passport verification tool called Idanalyzer that allows you to scan IDs and passports to look for authentic information.

This API can be used on IDs and passports from more than 100 countries and is able to pick up any information that may be fake.

Many businesses are now using Idanalyzer as it is an excellent way to identify fake IDs and thus protect themselves and their business from potential fraud.

This is a particularly good way to identify customers who may be using fake IDs in order to write checks or use credit cards.


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AI is here, you just don’t know it yet

How far away from AI are we, really?

One must prefix this article by highlighting the fact that AI or artificial intelligence is already here. AI exists in technology and has done so for years, but AI has not progressed to its ultimate goal or true form which would be a fully automated machine capable of self-learning and even emotions.

What AI exists at present?

The current AI technology that exist is primarily machine based, but the technology is developing into new territories with AI systems such as google, Cortana, Siri and Alexa. With these intelligent computer assistants, we (humanity) are seeing a gap bridged between humans and the AI world. The machines are learning from you and about you every day. Nowadays one only has to type a few words into google and a suggestion for what you were thinking about pops up. Now this is not a magic trick or someone in your head, no, the learning tools programmed into google pull from other searches and your common search history to compile a list of probable outcomes. The computer AI is on the road to self-awareness and is learning from us and our responses. With Alexa for example you can program her to only respond to your voice and no one else’s, thus creating a relationship between robot and human. There are also vast innovations being made in healthcare when it comes to AI, as can be seen in this interesting article from youngupstarts.

How do we get to a self-aware AI machine?

Alan Turing seen as the father of AI broached this very question during the post-war era (world war two) and came to develop the Turing test in 1950. The test was designed to see if machines could think on their own. The test itself consists of a series of questions all designed to measure the computer or AI’s responses and prove or disprove the machine as self-aware or not. In the classic book by Philip K. Dick, “Do androids dream of electric sheep” which later became the film Blade-runner, we see an AI who does not know she is not human go through a series of questions only to show no emotion at the thought of a dog being served for supper. For a machine to be self-aware it must possess emotions. It is through emotions and critical thinking that humanity exists. If we want a self-aware AI machine, then we have to teach it to feel and to think about the world, but the question is, how do we achieve that goal, and that is what drives the scientists today to create a world of tomorrow filled with self-aware AI machines.

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Why you need a customized Airpod Case for your Airpods

Airpods and Airpod cases are popular on the market and in high demand. While the cases that Airpods original come in are very functional and do their purpose well, they may be too bland for your liking. Fortunately, there is an option to help boost the visual appeal of your Airpod case. Unique customization options are available to help your Airpod case look great for years to come.


Becomes a Stylish Accessory

While the Airpod case that comes with your Airpods is functional and minimalistic, it may not be exactly what you are looking for. Enhancing your Airpod case with stylish customization options can allow you to turn your case into a stylish accessory, as well as a functional case. Virtually everyone with Airpods has an Airpod case. This means that all cases essentially look the same. With customizable Airpod cases, you are able to design your case how you want in order to stand out from the crowd.


Customization Options

Items that can be personalized and customized are generally more appealing. This is because these products are able to be individualized and present a look of uniqueness. Someone who wants to take their Airpod case to the next level or make it unique to them has the option of doing so through various customization avenues. Customization can be minimal or cover the entire case, truly making it a unique case. When your Airpods are not in use, you will be able to store them in a customized case that stands out from your friends’ and family’s.


Business Friendly

Although customized Airpod cases are great for the individual, they can also be great for businesses. This includes businesses of all sizes. If you are the owner of a company, manager, or supervisor, a customized Airpod case may be the perfect way to show your appreciation to your employees. These small tokens of appreciation will help your employees feel valued. You could also implement customized Airpod cases as part of your marketing plan. These cases can be designed with your business in mind, which can allow you to offer them as promotional items or give them to valued customers. When someone who receives a case uses it, they will be advertising for your company.


Custom Airpod Cases from Qstomize

Airpods tend to travel everywhere with their owner. While the standard case is functional and provides the Airpods with protection, its stark white color proves to be a dirt magnet. Customization options can help to keep your Airpod case looking fresh, as well as create a unique case that will stand out from the crowd. The professionals at Qstomize pride themselves on creating unique customized cases, not skins, that can have special images, photos, or names.


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