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Online Notepads: A Huge Asset For You

Computer users the world over realize just how useful the notepad program in windows can be. However, there are definitely times life can throw wrench into any type of machinery. First of all, what if you travel and have to use different types of electronics that don’t host the notepads program? For example, what if you have a Macbook or a Chromebook? What then? Well, the good news is that there are all kinds of online notepad websites for you to choose from when you’re either out of town or using a computer that does not support the windows version of notepad. Here is just a random sampling of some of the best ones:




Our first selection is rather unique because it not only lets you write online notes but also lets you write online programming codes as well. Along with the basic options for text such as bold, italics, and different fonts, you also have the option of publishing notes you write down to WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr. Moreover, this online notepad interface will protect your notes so much you can post to cloud operations such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Need to put in some HTML? Well, that’s no problem with this online editor either.




Note-pad is also a program that offers a lot of perks. For example, this webpage has the great benefit of simply allowing you to open it up and start writing. Also, this notepad program provides you with the option of sharing the work you do on the platform with others via a secret link. Of course, they also offer the option of registering for an account, and this is useful if you want to use this notepad program on different systems. Finally, this program features a backup option which will allow you to view previous versions of anything you have written with incredible ease.




Clickup has a whole host of features for you, and it is the one system that is great at providing autonomy for all individuals who sign up with their online program. Clickup has a whole host of features in an organized listing function, but they are careful to allow people to only use what they need. Of course, a lot of these online notepad programs will allow you to work with a team. That’s all well and good, but there is some problems associated with that. One issue with other notepad programs will be that sometimes comments can get lost. However, with Note-pad you will have the ability to assign comments to different people on your team. Add the feature that you can easily sync with Google Calendar and you definitely have a winning combination with the Note-pad app.




Finally, Laverna is another great example. With Laverna, you can immediately start making notes without even a sign-up. They have many different interfaces for you to use when riding, including such options as preview, full screen, and a normal viewing. You can also utilize hyperlinks and in putting block clothes in this option as well.




Of course, there are many others out there other than these four. Just do your homework to determine if one of these noted would be the best for your needs or a different one that was not mentioned. The key is getting organized, and you are sure to do it with one of these online notepads!

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The Six Benefits SEO Will Have On Your Business

SEO (Search Engine Optimization is an important ingredient for any business. You are not going to be able to move forward with your customer base without it. We have compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should consider using SEO if you have not done so already.

Low Cost

We did a comparison with Ad Words, PPC and SEO. There is a dramatic difference in the cost. SEO generates free advertising. You are going to be at the top of the list organically. That means you do not need to pay for the detail. Those who have pad ads are going to see their revenue drop when the traffic dies down. That $10 you earned when someone clicks on your ads are going go bye-bye. Your traffic is going to stay the same with SEO, and it costs you nothing.

Your Traffic

The results are not going to be immediate, but your traffic is going to grow steadily over time. You are going to get your traffic organically. In other words, you do not need to pay for your audience, unlike other options. It is similar to saying, “I do not need to pay for my compliments because they happen naturally.” Organic traffic shows who is genuinely interested in you versus who is just a flash in the pan.

SEO and Google

People trust Google and they trust their rankings. They do not trust a company who has to pay for their customer base. I am not saying that using paid ads are bad, but they do not have the trustworthiness that SEO and Google has. People are skeptical of a site that does appear in Google. There is something wrong if you need to pay for your audience and your rankings. Just something to think about.

What About ROI?

ROI stands for Return On Investment. People want to know they are getting their money’s worth, especially advertisers. SEO shows a higher rate of ROI than other sources, including paid ads. You might get 10,000 likes, but only 20 people buy. That does not bode well for a company or its advertisers. Advertisers want to see that people are buying. They want to know their money is being well spent. SEO offers that in ways that PPC or Adwords does not.

Your Competition

The competition is fierce. More companies are realizing the power of SEO. That is why you need to hire someone great to help with your SEO (see New Jersey SEO, for example). The goal is to outrank your competition on Google. You want consumers to buy your product over someone else’s. You need to outbid your competition if you are going to win.

The 60% Takes the Lead

Did you know that 60% of your traffic gravitate to the first choice? The other 40% take what is leftover. That is why you need the power of SEO. Your goal is to be in the 60%, not the other way around.

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Looking for Social Media Fame? Try Buying Followers!

We’ve all heard about the people who try and get thousands of Instagram followers. It might not sound like much, but it can really help you get noticed more. The hard part is actually getting the followers and some people choose to buy followers instead. If you aren’t sure if this is for you, keep reading to learn 3 reasons why this can help you become social media famous!


You’ll Be Seen by Your Follower’s Followers

The first reason why buying followers can increase your chances of becoming social media famous is that your follower’s followers will see you. This means your profile and posts will get more organic traffic. Organic traffic is the traffic that comes all on it’s own. You don’t pay for it and they’re visitors that came across your profile on their own. Once they start seeing your profile and posts, their followers will see it too. If it keeps happening like this, you’ll get more and more followers. Just think about how many more followers you get if at least one or 2 followers see you from the followers you bought. Then 3 or 4 of their followers see you. It will keep increasing like this until you have a ton of organic followers!


You Can Get Better Sales

The next reason is that you can get better sales. While the main goal is to be social media famous, many of these people are selling items or producing their own merchandise for sale. Having more followers means you can get more sales. In addition, the people who buy from you can tell their followers about their good experience, and that will increase the chances of them buying from you. In the same way as being seen, if a few more people on each follow list purchases from you, you’ll be getting fantastic revenue in no time. Of course, offering unique and top quality products will also help in this area because people don’t want to buy something that turns out to be junk.


You’ll Build Up a Good Reputation

As we know, reputation is everything when it comes to being social media famous. If you have a bad reputation, you’re going to lose all your followers quickly. In addition, your follower’s followers might see that the followers are still on their and they might figure out that you bought them. The best thing to do is make sure you’re posting engaging and unique content. You want people to enjoy your page and enjoy checking out the content that you post. You also want to make sure you interact with everyone because this shows that you actually care about the people that follow you and they aren’t just another number.

As you can see, buying Instagram followers can help give you the fame you always wanted. One thing you want to remember, though, is to buy from a reputable vendor because buying followers could get you banned from Instagram. Buy from a vendor that will give you real and active followers!

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The Facts Behind Animated Explainer Videos That Make Them Useful for Business

What Exactly Is An Animated Explainer Video

The transference of information can not only be monotonous and sleep inducing, but just plain boring. This is why many business are turning to animated explainer videos. These short videos can be anywhere between one minute to three minutes long and use inventive animations to display information in an engaging way. These videos are just as described, animated features featuring lively characters and colorful visuals. The videos can be custom ordered from a slew of independent companies that fit them to the personality of the business that orders them. They can be used for a variety of purposes, can address a unique audience, and they focus on a set series of information. All in all they are a useful tool for a business to have to keep employees, and customers attentive and engaged.


Many companies engage the use of animated explainer videos for to highlight services and solutions. These types of videos can be used for both consumers and employees. They explain highlight key service points for interested customers, providing a fun and engaging way of salesmanship. They can also be used to explain services and solutions to employees so they better understand their job. The videos are great for training purposes, consolidating mountains of tedious information into quick animations. Many companies have found that employees listen better and retain more in the information is presented in a fun way. The videos are great for presentations, internal communications, business wide announcements, advertisements, and general marketing.

Benefit of Usage

As aforementioned above animated explainer videos benefit training sessions by enabling employees to listen and retain information. Dragging informational videos, or endless reams of paperwork only encourage employees to tune out or skip sections. Using the videos holds their attention span, allowing them to listen and learn more. It is also great for increasing customer interest. Animated videos hold consumer attentions spans, they explain services better, allow customers to retain understanding better, and they also provide a visual example. Instead of just a gathering of words, consumers get to see a living, breathing example that provides perspective. Animated explainer videos are also great attention getters for important communications, add flavor to presentations, and can revolutionize the way a business presents itself.

Condensation of Information

Animated explainer videos also provide another beneficial aspect. They condense information. As such videos are usually one to three minutes in length, with custom order capable of going longer, the information presented has to be compact. Long-winded explanations become summarized into key points. This is great because it ensures that the most important information is always shared. Employees and consumers walk away with what they absolutely need to know. It is great for cutting down on the excess wording that is not necessary. It also allows both employees and consumers the satisfaction of getting the key information handed to them, instead of having to hunt through endless pages of excess wording.

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4 Free Project Management Tools you can use in 2018

4 Free Project Management Tools you can use in 2018

In business, veterans and novices know that managing projects at work can be a time-consuming exercise that needs a lot of resources. Some deadlines need to be met, and ensuring that tasks are completed on time requires a well-organised team.

To help teams achieve maximum efficiency, there are project management tools that can make your project management simpler. Additionally, they can help to make several tasks like delegating tasks, accessing progress reports and creating to-do-lists that are trackable easier.

We are going to look at the top 4 free project management tools that you can use for your business projects for more options, read a comprehensive list of free project management software options.


Features of Trello

  • Cloud-based
  • Cross-platform
  • File sharing capability
  • Both free and premium versions available

Trello is a popular project management application in the world today. Trello allows you to track your projects through a smartphone, a tablet or a PC/laptop. Trello offers you the ability to set up boards for everything you are working on. It also allows you to customize workflows, delegate tasks, attach files and even comment on task items.

Trello is supported by both Mac iOS and Windows, even on mobile devices. There is also an optimized version for the iPad Pro. Trello is free to download which comes with a 10 MB file upload size limit.


Features of Podio

  • It has a useful IM function
  • Cross-platform
  • It has options for in-app purchases

Podio is an application that is used by professionals working on several ideas at the same time. Companies like Volvo, the NFL and even Sony use it. The Podio app allows you to create and customize tasks based on the projects workflow, deadlines, and responsibilities. It is an excellent tool for getting quick feedback from tasks without the use of emails.

You can integrate third-party applications like Google Drive, Dropbox e.t.c easily. You can get Podio in different languages, from German, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Danish. Podio is free to download, and its free tier is best suited for a team of five members as the limit.


Features of Asana

  • Cloud-based
  • Tracking functions
  • Cross-platform

Asana is a free tool that is packed with handy features to ensure that you can boost the productivity of every project especially when it comes to tracking capabilities. Asana helps you to create reminders and to-do lists for you to meet deadlines, add colleagues, due dates and task instructions on items. Asana also allows you to share images from third party apps like Google Drive. If you want to find out who is in charge of a particular project, you can quickly go through a list of individuals and teams, or use the search capability.


Features of Basecamp

  • Ability to create group chats
  • File sharing documents, images and videos
  • Project tracking through progress reports
  • Cross-platform

Basecamp is among the oldest tools for project management, and it has solidified its place as a prime provider of project management tools for big projects. There are new features that are available on the latest version of the tool, they include:

  • Schedule setup
  • Showing appreciation to members
  • Save and track approvals and feedback
  • Create group chats

In Basecamp, you cannot hold fragmented workflows because all the tasks, discussions, schedules, chats and files are contained in one place.

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Top Features Your Australian Web Hosting Provider Should Have

If you are new to the world of finding a web hosting provider, and are not sure how to figure out which is the best and which to avoid, here are the features you should look for when choosing one.

An all-inclusive monthly fee — Some of the worst web hosting providers in Australia pull you in by offering you a low monthly fee to host your website on their servers. When you look at the features that includes, however, you realize quickly they are charging you extra for features the better web hosting providers offer for free.

Look for a web hosting provider in Australia that has an all-inclusive monthly fee. That fee should include features like an SSL certificate, a CPanel, and free automatic daily backups of your site.

Free website migration — One of the biggest web hosting providers in Australia migrates your site from the server of the provider you now use to one of their servers. The problem comes in when they charge almost $150 for doing that. For a service most other web hosting providers in Australia offer completely free of charge.

Never go with a company that charges you to migrate your site from one provider to theirs. There is no need. Especially when the prices they charge are so high.

Fast servers — The speed your website loads is key when it comes to how high Google places your site in their search results. If your site loads slowly, it will appear far down in Google search. If it loads quickly, it will appear much further up.

Make sure any hosting Australia provider that you decide to go with guarantees a certain site speed and, if your site does not get that, does everything they can to speed it up.

Monthly hosting fees — Several of the larger web hosting providers in Australia only offer annual fees for hosting your site.

While they also offer lower fees because you do pay for a year up front the problem is, if they are not reliable, you are either stuck with them for a year or you have to move your site elsewhere and lose all that money.

Only go with a hosting provider that allows you to pay monthly. It may be more expensive, but it is definitely worth it in the long run.

Guarantee up time of 99.9 percent — While no web hosting provider will guarantee a 100 percent up time for your site as things do happen, any provider you consider should guarantee it will be up 99.9 percent of the time.

Any provider that cannot is not worth dealing with as, every second your site is down, you lose money.

A free SSL certificate — An SSL certificate changes your site’s address from http to https. This is important, as Google is now using this in their ranking results.

Make sure any provider you go with not only offers each customer an SSL certificate for each of their sites, but also that it is free of charge.

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Bright Ideas: Bring Out Your Creativity With Custom Optics!


Sometimes, having glasses can be embarrassing or something that people don’t really want to think about. Years ago, you could only choose from the optics options that the doctor’s office gave you but today you can order custom optics that can really make the entire process more enjoyable and easier to deal with. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider ordering custom glasses!


Help Alleviate Embarrassment and Have More Self-Confidence

The first reason has to do with the fact that some people get really embarrassed by wearing glasses. They also could have a lower self esteem because of the embarrassment. This doesn’t help when you can only choose the glasses that the doctor’s office provides. A lot of times, these glasses only come in basic colors and have little to no designs. Being able to custom order your glasses means that you can choose from several different colors. You can choose 1 color or even multiple colors. In addition, you can order glasses that have all kinds of different designs and patterns. This can be anything from flowers, to polka dots, to stripes. The possibilities are endless when you are creating your own glasses.


Help You Get Used To Glasses Quicker

The next reason why you should consider ordering your own custom glasses is because they can help you get used to wearing them much quicker. The biggest reason for this is because you’ll be wearing a pair of glasses that you truly love. You won’t have to wear a pair of glasses that you hate or that you consider ugly. In fact, having to wear glasses that you don’t like can actually make you despise glasses and possibly fight the entire process. This will just prolong the entire thing and you aren’t going to want to embrace it. Having custom glasses can help you come to terms with the fact that you’ll be wearing these long-term and you will be able to learn to embrace them.


Show Off Your Personal Style

The final reason is that you will be able to show off your personal style and creativity. As stated above, the sky is the limit when customizing your glasses. For example, if you have a specific color or pattern you absolutely love, you can incorporate them into your glasses. On the other hand, if you want to order multiple pairs that are all different colors and patterns, then you can. You can wear different pairs depending on your mood or what you’re going to be doing for the day. You can really show the inner you with customized glasses.



As you can see, there are a few reasons, besides creativity, why you should consider ordering custom optics from a good optical lens manufacturer. If any of these reasons sound like something that interest you, or if you just want to do something that isn’t considered the norm, then talk to your doctor’s office about ordering a pair of custom glasses or optical components!

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