4 Free Project Management Tools you can use in 2018

In business, veterans and novices know that managing projects at work can be a time-consuming exercise that needs a lot of resources. Some deadlines need to be met, and ensuring that tasks are completed on time requires a well-organised team.

To help teams achieve maximum efficiency, there are project management tools that can make your project management simpler. Additionally, they can help to make several tasks like delegating tasks, accessing progress reports and creating to-do-lists that are trackable easier.

We are going to look at the top 4 free project management tools that you can use for your business projects for more options, read a comprehensive list of free project management software options.


Features of Trello

  • Cloud-based
  • Cross-platform
  • File sharing capability
  • Both free and premium versions available

Trello is a popular project management application in the world today. Trello allows you to track your projects through a smartphone, a tablet or a PC/laptop. Trello offers you the ability to set up boards for everything you are working on. It also allows you to customize workflows, delegate tasks, attach files and even comment on task items.

Trello is supported by both Mac iOS and Windows, even on mobile devices. There is also an optimized version for the iPad Pro. Trello is free to download which comes with a 10 MB file upload size limit.


Features of Podio

  • It has a useful IM function
  • Cross-platform
  • It has options for in-app purchases

Podio is an application that is used by professionals working on several ideas at the same time. Companies like Volvo, the NFL and even Sony use it. The Podio app allows you to create and customize tasks based on the projects workflow, deadlines, and responsibilities. It is an excellent tool for getting quick feedback from tasks without the use of emails.

You can integrate third-party applications like Google Drive, Dropbox e.t.c easily. You can get Podio in different languages, from German, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Danish. Podio is free to download, and its free tier is best suited for a team of five members as the limit.


Features of Asana

  • Cloud-based
  • Tracking functions
  • Cross-platform

Asana is a free tool that is packed with handy features to ensure that you can boost the productivity of every project especially when it comes to tracking capabilities. Asana helps you to create reminders and to-do lists for you to meet deadlines, add colleagues, due dates and task instructions on items. Asana also allows you to share images from third party apps like Google Drive. If you want to find out who is in charge of a particular project, you can quickly go through a list of individuals and teams, or use the search capability.


Features of Basecamp

  • Ability to create group chats
  • File sharing documents, images and videos
  • Project tracking through progress reports
  • Cross-platform

Basecamp is among the oldest tools for project management, and it has solidified its place as a prime provider of project management tools for big projects. There are new features that are available on the latest version of the tool, they include:

  • Schedule setup
  • Showing appreciation to members
  • Save and track approvals and feedback
  • Create group chats

In Basecamp, you cannot hold fragmented workflows because all the tasks, discussions, schedules, chats and files are contained in one place.