If you are a band or an artist in this digital age it has become a necessity to increase popularity and visibility via leading streaming platforms such as Spotify. Platforms such as Spotify provide an excellent way of advancing music careers.

Spotify offers a chance to artists that are still not exposed and upcoming a chance for further development. Artists can present new music to their fans and get discovered.


Increasing Spotify’s Followers and Streams

Of course the popularity and success of an artist in Spotify like with all other digital streaming platforms is largely defined by the number of followers and streams. Any artist that wants to make it big aspires for more and huge followers and plays which often is not easily achievable.

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The Process of Buying Spotify Plays

The first step involves signing up for an account to get ready for promotion for the delivery of increased Spotify plays. Subsequently choose media. The artist has to choose if he/she wants playlists or songs promoted for streaming.

In terms of the last step it involves tracking the success of playlists or songs being promoted. You can sit back and relax while the team at Spotipromo does all the work to deliver a significant increase in monthly listeners and plays.

It may be harder to get discovered and be like Justin Bieber overnight but the service guarantees much-needed artist exposure. The platform provides an opportunity to be discoverable by the people looking for emerging talent in the music industry.



One of the top features of the service is that a musician gets to only benefit the Spotify account by getting premium users. Premium users mean real plays.

Another advantage is that the speed of delivery of followers and plays can be adjusted. For that reason Spotipromo is one of its kind services. As well the service supports a convenient cancellation policy. It is possible to cancel the service at any time. No monkey business and wasting each other’s time.


In Conclusion

Using the service of Spotipromo means a musician can solely focus on what matters which is the creation of good music.

A musician does not have to involve him/herself in music and Spotify account promotion which is always time and effort consuming. With the service there is no need for an artist to be sharing Spotify links everywhere, using emails for promotion, contacting music blogs, etc.