Finally, getting what you pay for is worth it…


I decided to describe in detail a specific model of a leupold rifle scope, so we could see and understand the benefits of the brilliant and top notch Leupold rimfire rifle scopes. about 95% the details and specs on the model mentioned can be found on all leupold models.


Specifications of the package:


Leupold rifle scope comes in a elegant black and gold box with directions, a leupold sticker and an invitation to join the nra, all matching the colors of the leupold rifle itself. the purpose of the leupold vx-freedom rifle scope model was to replace the vx-1 and the vx-2 line by offering a couple extra tools that the earlier models do not have. they are supposed to be a better quality than the vx-1 & vx-2 at a better price.


The scope:


The scope itself comes in a beautiful black matte finish, with a 6061 t6 aircraft grade aluminium housing with a 1 ” tube on it. the scope itself only weighs 12.2 ounces or 346 grams which makes it very light for a scope. for a rimfire’s length, the goal is always to try and keep it compact, and with the leupold rifle scope coming in at 12.4 “ or 31.5 centimeters. now depending on the magnification on the scope, the eye relief is anywhere between 3.66 “ to 4.71 centimeters or 93 mm to 106 mm, which would be considered pretty descent eye relief.




The scope has adjustable 1/4 moa (max of adjustment for windage and elevation) clicks. it is a 60 yard fix paralex for rimfire which is good because not all the time will you find yourself shooting over that with rimfire. now the actual ergonomic adjustment is very acceptable and gathers its name because of the way they texturize the nob itself, so it can be functional in the dark. the crosshairs on the scope have moa hashmarks found on the lower part of it so it, (25 of them in moa increments) which makes the narrowing down of aim simple. the leudfold rimfire scopes are waterproof and fog proof with a twilight management system, for low light visibility.




When you purchase the rimfire scope, your buying a product that is made by a company that has really just thought of everything. it comes with a lifetime guarantee and it’s designed assembles and machined in the usa. the cost for this model is around $340.00, and for something that is made in the states, it’s really not a bad price at all. remember that is just an average, i’ve seen them sold for cheaper. this rimfire scope has and can withstand the test of time and usage. when sited at around 50, its performance stands alone for the price that it can be purchased at. it’s really hard to find anything to complain about this scope. at the least, if you haven’t purchased a scope yet and are in the market for one and find yourself in the search for the best scope that fits your needs, you should definitely use the leupold scopes as a benchmark for the rest of the scopes on the market. with leupold, you get your money’s worth. the accuracy is there with the adjustments, the clarity is there with the scopes and having the moa hash marks at the lower part of the reticules can only be considered handy and helpful.