One of the most interesting things about information is that it is almost an instantaneous phenomena and is so widely available across the border that people often and very easily forget the whole world of the internet altogether. One of these tools which are used in conjunction to this amazing plethora of thought at our fingertips is the LAN messenger software. This program enables people to use emojis, group chats, private messaging, and file transfers to enhance the conversation in between two participating agents.

The best way to tell if the software being used is from LAN messenger is if there is the availability of communication even without the provisions of the internet. This ability to identify the types of servers being used is also adjacent to the advantages of using LAN messenger (quick plug for Softros Lan Messenger) over other software that while good fail in comparison to the efficiency and security of the LAN program itself. The benefits of using LAN messenger is that one is in fact secured from the outside through a firewall that stands in between anyone who does not have the means to enter or anyone with the malevolent intention to hack into someone’s conversation for that matter. As prestated the LAN messenger is independent of any source of internet provision thereby making it the most useful for those who are in between a rock and a hard place and need to contact someone but the location they are at disserves them as they have no means of connecting to the internet. Lucky for them if they have LAN messenger could still contact resourcing people without the need for the internet in the first place. If one thinks about this carefully LAN messenger is completely independent from the World Wide Web altogether. The birth of LAN messenger took decades and multiple passes at failure to successfully concoct the original and often forgotten piece of technology it is today. In the next section we will be discussing the rise and establishment of the LAN Software and how it became the predicator for such social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Where did LAN come from?


Historically the LAN software orginally took the shape of a software called Unix Talk Command which enabled multiple users to interface with one another through the usage of only one computer. Novell Netware was the supposed next step up in technological social connection because of its ability to connect people face to face in a chat room. This soft ware was installed on DOS and came out right before the time when win pop up came out. Win pop up was a tiny bit better than the rest of the previous outputs but to a flaw. This flaw was that the security of the users were at chance to corrupt individuals and black hat hackers looking to steal their identity and credit card information. Good enough though Apple swooped in and with their software that protected their users LAN became the reliable interface it is today.