It’s clear that 99 out of a 100 when they have an iPhone problem, take it to a professional. but can you do it yourself and save the expense?


 Some Common DIY problems and solutions


  •  Your iPhone has drastically slowed downDo your best to determine if it is iPhone as a whole or just one or two apps. If you think that it’s just one or two apps, delete them from your phone by finding the icon pointing to the app, press and hold it, then hit uninstall.After uninstalling, you can go to the App Store and reinstall the app, with a completely fresh set of data. But before you do, test your iPhone without the app, to see if that fixed the problem.

    You want to do this, because, frankly some apps are garbage, poorly written, and no matter how often you delete them, then install a fresh install, they will play havoc with your phone.

  •  Power-off your phoneJust like with a computer, nothing works better to clean out bugs and problems then
    a phone reset. This will fix many problems, and no diagnosis is needed.If your iPhone is frozen, or won’t turn off, go to the Apple Support page on how to handle your iPhone and do a special reset.
  •  Clear away unneeded programsIt’s entirely possible that a problem with your iPhone has to do with low memory. Open your iPhone, go to settings, then click on General, then iPhone Storage. If you find that your iPhone has 16 gigabytes of memory and 14 or 15 gigabytes of stored data, chances are that’s a problem. Experts recommend never exceeding over 75 percent of storage capacity if you want your iPhone to be problem-free.


  •  Battery problemsYour problems may, in part, be due to battery storage. Batteries do get old and wear down, and it may be time for a new one. In addition, poke around the battery settings and carefully examine if certain apps are battery drainers.Five of the most draining are:

    * Facebook App

    * Google Maps

    * Snapchat

    * Facebook Messenger Lite

    * What’s up

    There are ways to adjust the drain, so do a search for each app, to find ways to minimize the battery drain.


  •  Last resortIf none of the above suggestions really did it, rather than buying a new phone, you can try the last resort, which is to do a factory reset.While you will lose all of your data, which is why this is the last resort solution, you will get a completely new update of your iOS software.

    To reset, go to settings, general, scroll to reset, tap erase all settings and content, and enter your Apple ID. Finally, if all else fails then looking up where to repair iphone x closest to you is always a viable option.