The Pricing Of Cars

The cost of a new car is more than $30,000 and there are a lot of individuals who are unable to afford to pay anywhere near this amount. There are cars available in the vicinity of $5000 and although they may need some mechanical or cosmetic repairs at that price you should have enough money left to cover the cost. The cars listed below are found mainly through private sellers and online, and can be considered among some of the best used cars under $5,000. Just be smart before you make your purchase and have the car you intend to buy checked out by a mechanic. You need to know what you are getting into before you hand over your money.

The Mercury Grand Marquis

The Mercury Grand Marquis may not be the most attractive car you have ever driven but you can find one used for roughly $5000. They rarely break down, will get you where you want to be and they are much cheaper to fix than most models.

The Jaguar XJ6

Although it is true that the older Jaguars do not have a reputation for reliability you can find them for around $5000. They are beautiful, classic cars and if you are mechanically inclined you can drive in style. Replacement parts can be found fairly cheaply in junkyards,

The Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep is known for its prowess when driven off road. The older models will run you in the vicinity of $5000. Chances are you are going to have to invest in some repairs but once you have this vehicle running smoothly you can be assured you will have made an excellent choice.

The Chevy Astro Convertible

The Chevy Astro Convertible is one of the more unique of the older model cars. Previous models generally start at roughly $5000 and this model has class. In its day it was considered the king of the road and replacement parts will not cost you six months’ pay.

The F-Body Camaro that needs a little work

The F-Body Camaro is a classic car you are not going to find in perfect condition for $5000. You will have to put some effort into rebuilding some of the mechanical aspects. Once you have the car running properly you will be left with one of the fastest cars you will ever drive.

The Volvo 240

The older Volvo’s were well built, solid cars and can now be purchased at a steal of about $5000. There are often a couple of major problems involved when buying the old models but when this car is taken care of and properly maintained you will hardly ever see them break down.

The Subaru Legacy

An older The Subaru Legacy will set you back approximately $5000. This is an incredibly reliable car with frameless doors and a sensational appearance. Parts are not expensive and you can customize the interior to your particular taste.

The Pontiac Fiero

It is hard to go wrong with a Pontiac for $5000 and that about what the old Pontiac Fiero will cost. This car actually has the engine in the middle and the capability of running like a first class automobile. The repair work will probably be worth the outcome.