If you are looking for a new sporting rifle, you may have come across people or sites like https://adventurefootstep.com/ recommending the 7mm Remington Magnum, which is also known as the 7mm rem mag rifle.

One of the most popular sporting rifles on the market at the moment, the 7mm rem mag has features some other similar rifles do not. Features that may make it easier for you to choose this rifle than deciding to buy another model.


Perfect for open country and mountainous areas — If you will be doing a lot of hunting in open country or in the mountains, the 7mm rem mag is one of the best rifles for that.


This is due to it being stellar at long-range shots and at perfectly delivering accurate shots down range.


Delivers hefty bullets at long-range — If you want to be able to fell an animal at long-range with just one shot, then the 7mm rem mag is likely the gun for you.


This sporting rifle is able to shoot a 160-grain bullet over several hundred yards, with only a slight drop. This makes it one of the most accurate guns on the market at long distances.


It can even do this at over 400-500 yards, something few other guns in that category can comfortably do.


Superb wind-avoiding ability — One of the problems hunters complain about when shooting game over long distances is the wind. Even a 10mph wind can seriously change the direction of a bullet by the time it gets close to the animal being shot at.


With the 7mm rem mag, however, you will find its wind-avoiding abilities are superb. So much so, even over a distance of 300 yards or more, you will usually find the bullet drift is less than 4 inches.


Any hunter that knows that before they shoot can easily accommodate that small of a drift when aiming the 7mm rem mag. Especially as the drift is quite a bit less than similar sporting rifles in the same class they may have shot before.


Small amount of recoil — One major complaint of hunters using sporting rifles is that the recoil can be quite substantial. To the point that it makes it uncomfortable to shoot the gun over a long period of time.


Compare other guns to the 7mm rem mag, however, and you will see the recoil of this rifle is much more acceptable. Paired with its superb flat shooting abilities, this is why the gun has become popular with hunters that hunt on the plains or in open countryside.


Less meat damage — While the 7mm rem mag can cause quite a substantial amount of meat damage due to its force, by simply using Managed Recoil ammunition that damage can also be avoided.