While you may think customized stickers are cool things to use, you may be surprised at just how many business owners never think about them.

If you do not think using customized stickers to help boost your company’s brand identity is cool, then you do not really know much about the many ways they can be used effectively.

Read on to learn about six ways you can boost your brand identity with custom printed stickers.

Cell phone decals — If your company pays for the cell phones of various employees as well as your own, then having cell phone decals printed is a great way to boost your brand identity. After all, if every time you or one of your staff uses their phone someone sees your company’s logo stuck to it, your brand identity is becoming set in a potential customer’s mind.

Laptop decals — Just as you can use cell phone decals to get your brand across to potential customers, you can do the same with laptop decals. Have decals customized designed and printed for all staff members that use company laptops, and then insist those decals be used on every laptop in the office.

Your company logo as customized stickers — Get your company’s logo printed up in a variety of sticker sizes, then stick it on everything you use.

From then on, every time a brochure, a flyer, a leaflet, a computer, a cell phone or a product leaves your company, your logo will be displayed on it for everyone to see.

Address labels — Customized address label stickers are a wonderful way to get your brand identity out in the world. Just think about it. Every time you stick an address label on a package or a parcel, the mail person will see it, staff at the post office will see it, your customer will see it and so may some of her friends.

Getting customized stickers made up as address labels is a good way to boost your brand identity. It also saves you money on having to get customized shipping boxes printed, as well as saves you money on address labels.

Name labels — If you run a lot of events via your company, make sure the name labels you use are customized stickers with your company name, logo and slogan on them. Every time someone comes to one of your events, then they will see hundreds of people wearing name labels advertising your company and helping boost your brand identity.

Bumper stickers — Instead of advertising your company on bumper stickers, have customized stickers made up with a funny design or funny comment. Then place your company name and logo on the bumper sticker like an afterthought. Surprisingly, people will then remember your brand as being identified with that funny design or comment.