What Exactly Is An Animated Explainer Video

The transference of information can not only be monotonous and sleep inducing, but just plain boring. This is why many business are turning to animated explainer videos. These short videos can be anywhere between one minute to three minutes long and use inventive animations to display information in an engaging way. These videos are just as described, animated features featuring lively characters and colorful visuals. The videos can be custom ordered from a slew of independent companies that fit them to the personality of the business that orders them. They can be used for a variety of purposes, can address a unique audience, and they focus on a set series of information. All in all they are a useful tool for a business to have to keep employees, and customers attentive and engaged.


Many companies engage the use of animated explainer videos for to highlight services and solutions. These types of videos can be used for both consumers and employees. They explain highlight key service points for interested customers, providing a fun and engaging way of salesmanship. They can also be used to explain services and solutions to employees so they better understand their job. The videos are great for training purposes, consolidating mountains of tedious information into quick animations. Many companies have found that employees listen better and retain more in the information is presented in a fun way. The videos are great for presentations, internal communications, business wide announcements, advertisements, and general marketing.

Benefit of Usage

As aforementioned above animated explainer videos benefit training sessions by enabling employees to listen and retain information. Dragging informational videos, or endless reams of paperwork only encourage employees to tune out or skip sections. Using the videos holds their attention span, allowing them to listen and learn more. It is also great for increasing customer interest. Animated videos hold consumer attentions spans, they explain services better, allow customers to retain understanding better, and they also provide a visual example. Instead of just a gathering of words, consumers get to see a living, breathing example that provides perspective. Animated explainer videos are also great attention getters for important communications, add flavor to presentations, and can revolutionize the way a business presents itself.

Condensation of Information

Animated explainer videos also provide another beneficial aspect. They condense information. As such videos are usually one to three minutes in length, with custom order capable of going longer, the information presented has to be compact. Long-winded explanations become summarized into key points. This is great because it ensures that the most important information is always shared. Employees and consumers walk away with what they absolutely need to know. It is great for cutting down on the excess wording that is not necessary. It also allows both employees and consumers the satisfaction of getting the key information handed to them, instead of having to hunt through endless pages of excess wording.