Technology is everywhere in our daily lives. Using the best tools to explore it can make it much more enjoyable. Here are some awesome reasons why you should choose a laptop instead of a desktop when purchasing your next piece of equipment.

  1. Space Saver

Laptops take up way less space than a traditional desktop computer. Taking up not much more area than a paper notebook, these new models can easily fit on your lap, desk, counter, or wherever you need to do some work. Desktops, even the all in one models, still use much more space and you need extra space to place your keyboard.

  1. Integrated Keyboard

The keyboard on your laptop is not as bulky as a standalone one for a desktop. The buttons are smoother and somewhat more comfortable to use.

  1. Moves with you

Using a desktop replacement laptop is much better for multitasking and awesome if you move around a lot while working. Instead of being tied down to a desk, you can easily carry your laptop to the other room, outside, or wherever you need to go. It’s great if you need to pop up a recipe for dinner, and you can prepare the meal with the laptop on the counter next to you.

  1. Better visual

The LCD screens on a laptop are generally much better quality than those on a desktop. The fuzzy background you find on some desktops will not be the case on your laptop. You will also have much better access to your USB ports on your laptop. Usually, you will have two ports on the side and two on the back of your laptop so you can attach components easily and quickly.

  1. Saving Money

Dollar for dollar, your laptop will most definitely be less expensive than a desktop model. Most desktops include other components that end up raising the price significantly. Even without all the extras, the price of desktops is still much higher than a laptop.

  1. Wireless

If you have a desktop, you will have a power cord attached to the wall. A laptop is wireless, and as long as you keep your battery charged, will last you quite a while. If you want to be wireless for a longer amount of time, you can consider buying a second battery.

  1. Trade in Value

If you like to keep up on the new releases and sell or trade yours often, your will get more of your purchase price back with a laptop. The value of desktops can drop quickly with so many new brands coming on the market. But laptops, though they also feature new models quite often, seem to keep their original value much better.

  1. Saving Energy

Another awesome reason to choose the laptop is that they use far less energy than a desktop. In some cases, 50 to 80% less energy. This is a great way to help your planet.

  1. Privacy

Having a desktop sitting in the middle of the family room doesn’t leave much room for privacy. If you want to be alone, your laptop can go anywhere you can.

  1. Better environmentally

Face it. Our landfills are overflowing with technology. Laptops take up much less room than traditional desktops, and with the better resale options, hopefully, won’t end up there for a long time.