For anyone one who has tried to grow a social media account, whether for recreation, business or sheer online competitive goals and bragging rights – possessing and running an actively-visited social media account, can be challenging.

For those wondering how to grow an Instagram account, there is no special formula. A combination of interactive photo app and social engine juggernaut, linking the general population with celebrities, businesses and organizations.

The secret to growing a social media account

So far, Instagram is a celebrity-driven engine. The top ten Instagram accounts with the most followers, are all music and television US celebrities. To be popular on Instagram it seems, you would need a combination of star power, recent film/music/show success, a huge online fan base, raw talent and documented career and financial success.

This whittles down the list of contenders for Instagram, however with more than 400 million users and growing – there are plenty of followers left to like and follow multiple Instagram pages.

There is no need to wonder anymore how to remain IG competitive

These days, everything is available for a price. If a company wants to land on Google’s prize first page, or just rank higher, they can pay to load the website and internet with key words, that in turn link the website to every and all popular Google word searches.

Of course, a company does not have to pay for more exposure – it is possible to wait until the product or company grows their own base, or the product generates so much interest that web traffic isn’t an issue. Those situations tend to be in the minority though, most companies prefer to be proactive – and purchase additional customer interest.

Everything really is available for a price

Heck, custom-tailored reviews are available for a price. Some companies can help you salvage and restore Yelp and Google ratings by diverting customers to a “holding” window where the customer can be polled before the review. If the customer acknowledges that they were unsatisfied, and are about to leave a negative review, the business is given the opportunity to make amends with the customer – thereby intercepting, and possibly pivoting to a more favorable positive review.

Buying Instagram likes is like selecting and purchasing a cell / wifi / cable plan

There are countless companies offering Instagram Likes and Followers, the business of selling and buying Instagram likes and followers is here, e.g. on compra follower instagram. The sector is so competitive, different companies are offering faster turn-around times and free delivery.

Buzzoid, self-billed as the #1 Instagram provider, operates like a cell-phone plan:

  • $2.97 for 100 likes
  • $6.99 for 500 likes
  • $29.99 for 2500 likes
  • $39.99 for 5000 likes
  • $69.99 for 10000 likes

Once you order, Instagram likes are promised within blazing fast delivery times – ten minutes – complete with 247 customer support. Companies like Hypez, Buylikes and gramblast all offer similar services.

The offerings of some Instagram like providers are monthly, Buylikes has a subscription introductory plan, for 9.95 receive 50 likes per post, up to 60 posts per month.