There are tons of social media apps out there for people to use. There are several that are widely known among people around the world. Facebook is obviously one of the most popular, but Instagram has risen to the number one spot. Let’s find out about some of the way on how to get followers on instagram and grow your audience.

Instagram Cuts Right to the Chase

There may be one reason that Instagram is more popular than a lot of the other apps out there. This single reason has to do with the fact that this company is cutting straight to the chase.

Many people that use Twitter and Facebook to post written comments alongside their photos, but everyone knows that people are just there for the pictures. Sometimes friends may read the comments that are attached to the photos, but this is not very common because so many people have so many things on their Facebook pages.

With Facebook users a number of friends can post things and the timeline becomes cluttered with a lot of different posts so it is just easier to look at the pictures. When people follow others on Instagram they don’t have to worry about trying to stroll through a whole lot of words. They can get right to the point and simply look at the pictures that they are trying to see.

Instagram is Free

People also flock to Instagram because it’s free. There is no membership required for posting these pictures, and lots of people will simply use Instagram as a storage in the cloud for their photos. This is much less expensive and much more convenient than trying to acquire physical portable hard drives.

Hard drives could crash at any time, but people that have their photos posted on Instagram will have access to their photos at all times. They also have a solid backup of their photos that will not get destroyed. Many people will buy hard drives and backup pictures, but if they’re home is ever nice destroyed or the hard drive is damaged all of the photos will be lost. It is much more practical to upload photos to a site like Instagram where they will be available forever. You don’t have to pay anything to store these photos either so that makes it beneficial to all users. It is even possible to make the account private if you want to.

People Can Comment on Pictures

Another thing that has made this social media site very popular is the way that pictures are stored. People that are following you have the opportunity to make comments on your pictures. This can be great for getting feedback from friends and family, but it is also an opportunity to meet new people. A lot of people will post messages and build friendships just through pictures that they have seen on your profile.

Easy to Use

Ultimately, Instagram has become number one because it is so easy to use. People have the option to upload pictures from computers, but many people simply post photos that are loaded on their phones.