FIFA coins are what you use to get new player cards when trying to build your ultimate team in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. They give you the ability to open up packs, buy your favorite players on the Transfer Market, and enter tournaments and challenges. Here are some tips on how to effectively use FIFA coins to build your own ultimate team.

Buying Coins with Real Money

The easiest way to get coins is to purchase them using real money. This can become very expensive if you are trying to build your own ultimate team. Most members of the FIFA Ultimate Team community frown upon doing this. You also can win coins by playing in the Ultimate Team mode. You will receive around 400 coins for beating a human opponent. Coin boosts can be unlocked to give you temporary boosts in coins.

Other Ways to Earn Coins

Weekly tournaments and challenges are available that can earn you a decent amount of coins. The transfer market can be used to increase your coins by buying players for small amounts and reselling them at higher prices. Collecting coins will help you to purchase new cards and players that you want on your team.

Managerial Decisions

You can also earn more coins by performing jobs in the Manager Tasks area included on the My Club menu. You can sign players on loan to test them out before you purchase them, change the name of your team, and even challenge the team of the week to earn extra FIFA coins.

Best Ways to Spend FIFA Coins

When purchasing players, pay particular attention to the chemistry they have with the rest of your team. Chemistry is the relationship and familiarity the players on your team have including the players nationality, the division they play in, the team that they play for, and whether or not the players are playing in their natural position. Watch for the green links between players on your team and try to avoid players with red connections meaning they have little chemistry.

The Transfer Market

The Transfer Market is where you can buy and sell different players using your FIFA coins. There are auctions as well as fixed price sales. You also have the ability to buy player packs using real money. The market is much like a real market where the prices change depending on the demand. Usually you can acquire players for cheaper during the Christmas holiday when the market is flooded with users. Make sure that you save your sales for times that the prices are high and to make your purchases when they are low.

There are many ways to earn extra coins in FIFA Ultimate Team and many ways to build an amazing team for the least amount of coins. Whether you are buying coins with real money, earning them by participating in weekly tournaments and challenges, or buying and selling players on the Transfer Market, make sure that when you spend those coins, the players will improve the chemistry of your team. By doing this, you will get the best team for your money.