Why Have A Bread Machine?

If there is one appliance that you want to have in the kitchen, it’s a bread machine. This is a machine that makes baking bread much easier so that you have fresh loaves all the time. You can also create new and delicious recipes with only a few simple ingredients that are added to traditional bread dough. If you are shopping around for a new bread machine, make sure to check out these bread machine reviews.

Cheddar Cheese

When you make your bread, add shredded cheese to the dough. You only need about a cup with cheddar working the best in the bread. Once the loaf is taken from the bread machine, you can add shredded cheese and even a bit of Parmesan cheese to the top.

Dinner Rolls

There are numerous recipes for making dinner rolls in a bread machine. Country rolls can be made with a bit more flour and milk than a sweeter roll that you would use sugar with. If you want a buttery roll, then downsize on the amount of flour that’s used, adding a little more butter to the dough instead. Make sure the rolls are placed far enough apart so that they can bake without shoving into each other.

Pizza Dough

Most people enjoy pizza but don’t have the time to make a quality crust from scratch. Your bread machine has the tools needed to create a delicious pizza dough that you can bake and top with any ingredient that you like. You can adjust the thickness of the dough by either adding more flour for a crust that is thicker or adding more water for a crust that is on the thinner side. Add a few herbs to the dough for a delicious flavor once the dough bakes.

Hamburger Buns

You no longer need to get hamburger buns at the store for your cookouts or when you want to make any other kind of sandwich that utilizes the bread. As you make the dough for bread, you want to add a little more yeast so that the buns will rise higher. About half a cup more flour can also be used to give fullness to the buns.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

There is nothing like the smell of cinnamon bread baking as it wafts through the home. This is an easy recipe as you will start with a basic bread dough before adding at least a tablespoon of cinnamon and a cup of raisins. You can adjust the spices depending on how much cinnamon you like in the bread. You can also use golden raisins with dark raisins if you want a few different flavors instead of the typical raisin bread that you might get in the store. When the bread is taken from the oven, you can top it with a delicate white icing that cascades down the sides of the loaf. A few raisins on top complete the delicious recipe.